Inspiring, Motivating, Rewarding

Thank you for visiting my website and blog. I hope that “Parkinsons.Me” will offer many things to many people; Support, Strength and eventually given time a Sense of Community. Being diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s aged 41 has had a massive impact upon my life, career, family and friends. At this point I want to thank all of my supporters, you know who you are but most of all to my family and especially my wife. Without your support the daily struggles would have been mountains that I couldn’t have scaled alone. Gradually the very struggles of the last three years are finally turning into experiences that I gain strength from each and everyday.

Just talking about ‘my condition’ has been difficult enough in recent times and I would never have dreamt of publishing a website. This in its self is the biggest indication of progress for me. As time moves on past experiences have become markers that I now navigate everyday. I want to share the solutions, learn from others and plan for the future.

So the next stage starts here, and I look forward to joining you at each and every milestone.